Green Energy via Solar Glass

At the opening event of 80 years celebrations of the AIGMF, on March 25 at Jaipur, Glass Futures Ltd., (UK) presented the glass Industry’s decarbonization plan on the ‘Innovative Glass Melting Technologies – A patchwork of progress’. Presentations / photos are available at and under Kanch (Glass) and Glass News at our website.

To commemorate the World Environment Day, we are happy to announce AIGMF’s annual Youth outreach program on ‘Green Energy via Solar Glass’ –

Further for the Green cause, a special event on Glass Recycling and Air Quality in Glass Manufacturing units will be organised on June 17 at DoubleTree by Hilton, Ahmedabad. All stakeholders are welcome to participate with program details available at

Glasspex 2023 will be staged from Sept 14-16 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai after a gap of 4 years (after-Covid) where AIGMF will be hosting its ’14th International Conference on Sustainability’ in cooperation with Glass Worldwide magazine (UK) and Glass Futures Ltd., (UK).

With our decades-long exclusive tie-up with the Glass Worldwide magazine (UK), detailed coverage of all events will feature in AIGMF’s publications (Kanch and Glass News) and select events in Glass Worldwide.

Support of the entire glass fraternity is solicited to contribute Industry news, technical articles / press releases / reports / advertorials / high resolution event pictures etc., to stay ahead with collective readership of over 30,000 worldwide.

Print copies are sent to Members free-of-charge and on demand to non-members-

We invite all stakeholders to be associated with us i.e. in the form of membership, subscription, audience/participants (even virtual), knowledge/event partners, international speakers, expert/jury members, sponsors etc., AND especially lending your ideas to incite collaborations for making Glass more visible in our daily lives.

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