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    ICG Corporate Community


    To learn about corporate membership benefits and more information contact us via to schedule an online meeting.


    Workshops Proposed & Led by Companies

    Active Participation in TC Studies & Access to Published TC Reports

    Discounts in Conferences & Education Activities

    Getting Presence in International Fairs & Project Competitions

    Advertisement & Logo Display on the Website

    * Current TC participation rules are valid.
    ** Special offer for companies with less than 150 employees
    *** Speaking but no voting right

    We Welcome You To Be a Member of ICG, Global Cooperation in the World of Glass

    ICG Yokohoma

    TC Studies and Workshops

    Technical Committees are the most important element of ICG. They are focused on various subjects and the members are consisted of glass experts, academicians and experienced researchers of corporate companies. The studies and workshops are highly contributed with corporate members and provides great opportunity to increase know-how and create valuable network. The corporate companies are actively suggesting the study topics in TCs, leading industry related subjects in coordination with valued ICG TC members.

    Privilages in Events and Educational Resources

    Various congresses, conferences and events are held throughout the year globally and the members receive discounted prices to attend these events. Tthe corporate members will have opportunities to send speaker to related events with the approval of ICG president and event organizer. Moreover, the corporate logos will be used in the fairs and events ICG attends which increases the presence of the corporate company.

    Corporate Sponsors of ICG