ICG 2030

Main Goals of ICG

The ICG (International Commission on Glass) is a non-profit international Society of national scientific and technical organisations with particular interests in glass science and technology. It was founded in 1933 and has grown to become the recognised world-wide organisation in the field of glass with presently 37 member organisations bringing together the world’s most respected universities, scientific institutions, companies of the glass industry and allied organisations.

The aim of ICG is to promote and stimulate understanding and cooperation between glass experts in the fields of science and technology as well as art, history and education.

The ICG achieves these objectives by organising Technical Committee work (e.g. laboratory round robins, comparative studies, topical meetings), compiling information on glass (e.g. publishing scientific and technical papers, reports and books) and by sharing and disseminating knowledge on glass in advanced educational courses and workshops. A further major role is to organise international meetings. Every three years the ICG holds an International Congress on Glass while Annual Conferences take place during the intervening period often in conjunction with national society meetings.

The ICG is financed by subscriptions from Member Organisations set in proportion to the annual glass output of the respective countries. Additional income arises from Associate Member Organisations, the sale of publications and royalties.

ICG also gains considerably from contributions ’in kind’ from individual members of the administrative team and technical committees who give freely of their time and effort.


The International Commission on Glass has operated successfully for 8 decades.  During this period it has welcomed many new member organisations. Numerous well-known glass scientists and technologists are involved in its organisation and it is run by a committed and experienced administration. Participating organisations in the ICG enjoy hands on experience and achievement through involvement in TC activities. Major benefits are gained from direct association between international glass experts in the fields of science and technology, art and education and through liaisons with related fields of technology such as optics, photonics, electronics, nanotechnology, coating technology, biotechnology, polymers and composites. An example of this interaction has been the recent development of research road maps for several key areas of interest.

The ICG is determined to continue its high standards of quality and performance.

For the future, it wishes to encourage:

  • More national institutions to join as members,
  • More individuals to serve on ICG committees,
  • Proposals for the establishment of new technical committees on pertinent topics,
  • Continue its work on road mapping to help focus future research activities.

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ICG Presidents


1933-1953 Prof. W.E.S. Turner (UK) 1985-1988 Dr. W.R. Prindle (US)
1953-1959 B.P. Dudding (UK) 1988-1991 Dr. J.P. Causse (FR)
1959-1961 H.R. Lillie (US) 1991-1994 Prof. J. Petzoldt (DE)
1961-1961 N. von Bülow (DE) 1994-1997 Prof. N. Soga (JP)
1961-1962 O. Burch (US) 1997-2000 Prof. L.D. Pye (US)
1962-1963 Prof. A. Dietzel (DE) 2000-2003 Prof. H.A. Schaeffer (DE)
1963-1966 Dr. B. Long (FR) 2003-2006 Mrs. A. Yaraman (TR)
1966-1969 Prof. J.M. Stevels (NL) 2006-2009 Dr. H. Arribart (FR)
1969-1972 Prof. N.J. Kreidl (US) 2009-2012 Dr. F. Nicoletti (IT)
1972-1975 Prof. R.W. Douglas (UK) 2012-2015 Prof. Peng Shou (CN)
1975-1978 Prof. J. Stanek (CZ) 2015-2018 Dr. M. Choudhary (US)
1978-1981 P. Gilard (BE) 2018–2021 Prof. Alicia Duran (EP)
1981-1984 Prof. H. Scholze (DE) 2021–2024 Prof. Reinhard Conradt (DE)
1984-1985 Prof. V. Gottardi (IT)

Chairmen of The Coordinating Technical Committee


1957-1965 Prof. J. M. Stevels (NL) 1992-1997 A. Yaraman (TR)
1965-1972 Prof. E. Plumat (BE) 1997-2004 Prof. H. de Waal (NL)
1972-1977 Prof. H. Scholze (DE) 2004-2009 Dr. K. Bange (DE)
1977-1982 Dr. G. P. Smith (US) 2009-2016 Prof R. Vacher (FR)
1982-1987 Prof. H. Rawson (UK) 2016-2021 Prof H. Inoue (JP)
1987-1992 Prof. H. A. Schaeffer (DE) 2021- Prof J. Jones

The image above shows: Leena Hupa (member, TC04), our honorary treasurer, Prof Alicia Duran (Management Board), Gülcin Albayrak (outgoing member of CTC) and  Hande Sesigur (Gülcin’s replacement on the CTC from 2011). The photograph was taken during one of the breaks at the ICG annual conference in Shenzhen, March 2011.

Honorary Presidents


Prof. W.E.S Turner UK 1953 †1963
Dr. B. Long FR 1966 †1983
Dr. F. Nicoletti IT 2012

ICG Presidents


1933-1953 Prof. W.E.S. Turner (UK) 1984-1985 Prof. V. Gottardi (IT)
1953-1959 B.P. Dudding (UK) 1985-1988 Dr. W.R. Prindle (US)
1959-1961 H.R. Lillie (US) 1988-1991 Dr. J.P. Causse (FR)
1961-1961 N. von Bülow (DE) 1991-1994 Prof. J. Petzoldt (DE)
1962-1963 Prof. A. Dietzel (DE) 1994-1997 Prof. N. Soga (JP)
1963-1966 Dr. B. Long (FR) 1997-2000 Prof. L.D. Pye (US)
1966-1969 Prof. J.M. Stevels (NL) 2000-2003 Prof. H.A. Schaeffer (DE)
1969-1972 Prof. N.J. Kreidl (US) 2003-2006 Mrs. A. Yaraman (TR)
1972-1975 Prof. R.W. Douglas (UK) 2006-2009 Dr. H. Arribart (FR)
1975-1978 Prof. J. Stanek (CZ) 2009-2012 Dr. F. Nicoletti (IT)
1978-1981 P. Gilard (BE) 2012-2015 Prof. Peng Shou (CN)
1981-1984 Prof. H. Scholze (DE) 2015-2018 Dr M Choudhary (US)