Past Events and Conferences

ICG International Congresses On Glass

Every three years the ICG has a Congress, giving glass scientists and technologists a valuable opportunity to meet and disseminate information on glass science and technology. ICG Congresses typically attract 700 – 1000 attendees and up to 900 papers and posters. Special features include:

  1. Invited lectures reviewing major achievements in both the traditional fields of glass science and technology and in new glass applications: optics, photonics, elctronics, nanotechnology, coating technology, biotechnology, and composites
  2. Sessions organised by Technical Committees to review their work.

The XXVI CONGRESS (2022) was held in Berlin, Germany. A list of previous Congress venues is given below.

ICG Annual Conferences and other events in the Glass Field

In the years between its Congresses ICG organises an Annual Conference. Sadly the ongoing pandemic in 2020 has caused the cancellation of the conference planned this year in Krakow. The next in 2021 will take place in South Korea. Although shorter than the Congresses, several Technical Committees will organise sessions based on their key activities and many papers will be presented.

Other organisations also run Glass Conferences. To add an event to our list or edit an existing link please contact:

One consequence of COVID-19 is that many people are turning to Webinars as a means of communicating. More information is available at the sites below:

1) DGG events

2) Glass International Programme

3) American Ceramic Society. Events included in conference list below.

4) British Glass Webinars on Net Zero production.

5) Japanese Ceramic Society

Below is a list of those conferences we know of.

ICG Annual Meetings

ICG ANNUAL MEETING Incheon, South Korea August 25-28, 2024
ICG ANNUAL MEETING Hangzhou, China November 12-15, 2023

Upcoming ICG Congresses

28 ICG INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS Fukuoka, Japan September 24-29, 2028
27 ICG INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS Kolkata, India January 20-24, 2025

Venues for Congresses

26 ICG Congress Berlin, Germany 2022
25 ICG Congress Boston, USA 2019
24 ICG Congress Shanghai, China 2016
23 ICG Congress Prague, Czech Republic 2013
22 ICG Congress Salvador, Brazil 2010
21 ICG Congress Strasbourg, France 2007
20 ICG Congress Kyoto, Japan 2004
19 ICG Congress Edinburgh, Scotland 2001
18 ICG Congress San Francisco, USA 1998
17 ICG Congress Beijing, China 1995
16 ICG Congress Madrid, Spain 1992
15 ICG Congress Leningrad, Russia 1989
14 ICG Congress New Delhi, India 1986
13 ICG Congress Hamburg, Germany 1983
12 ICG Congress Albuquerque 1980
11 ICG Congress Prague, Czechoslovakia 1977
10 ICG Congress Kyoto, Japan 1974
9 ICG Congress Versailles, France 1971
8 ICG Congress London, England 1968
7 ICG Congress Brussels, Belgium 1965
6 ICG Congress Washington DC, USA 1962
5 ICG Congress Munich, Germany 1959
4 ICG Congress Paris, France 1956
3 ICG Congress Venice, Italy 1953
2 ICG Congress London-Sheffield, England 1936
1 ICG Congress Venice, Italy 1933

Solid State Chemistry Conference Sept 2020. | 13/01/2020