Basic Glass Science

Glass Structure

TC03: Structure and Properties

The activity of the TC03 committee is focused on the discussion of the basics aspects of glass structure as well as on the experimental collaboration throughout Round Robin tests of model glasses, for which atomistic simulation and thermodynamic modelling techniques are also used.


TC07: Nucleation, Crystallisation & Glass Ceramics

The strategy of TC07 is based on the following topics: -new properties and new applications of multi-component glass-ceramics; -fundamental studies of the kinetics mechanisms of nucleation and overall crystallization (e.g. surface versus internal crystallization).

TC26: Structure and Vibrations

This TC focuses on the nature of the vibrations in glasses and on the structural information that can be gained using inelastic spectroscopy techniques: infrared absorption, light scattering, neutron and X-ray scattering, etc, as well as numerical simulations of the vibrational properties.

TC27: Atomistic Simulation

The Technical Committee on “Atomistic Modeling and Simulation of Glass” was founded in 2009 and officially approved by ICG during the PACRIM conference in Vancouver, Canada. The focus of TC27 is on developing the theoretical foundation for advancing the modeling.

TC29: Quantum Beam Diffraction

The two important topics of the TC are “diffraction measurement” and “modelling of glass structure”. Where the latter is consistent with diffraction data and other structural information.