UN International Year of Glass 2022


Aware of its role in the wealth and health of society, senior figures from industry, academia and in culture have realised that ‘glass’ deserves international celebration and 2022 is the anniversary of several significant events.From these embryonic thoughts, the Corning Museum of Glass, the International Commission on Glass, the Community of Glass Associations and ICOM, the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Glass have joined together and an initial stream of interest becme a flood – 1500 letters of endorsement from 79 countries. Formal approval of the UN was given at the General Assembly on 18th May 2021 having been seriously delayed. To follow a news feed or register your interest please go to the IYOG2022 web site: www.iyog2022.org

The paperwork ifor this application is available on the IYOG web site and an excellent video primarily aimed at UN ambassadors is being streamed on the UTube website. More information on what happens next is currently being circulated to all who have submitted letters of endorsement or have expressed interest in the project. Should you have not heard anything please check your spam folder for emails from Mailchimp.

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