ICG Congresses and Conferences

Every three years ICG organises an International Congress on Glass. The XXVth CONGRESS ran from June 9-14th (2019) in Boston, USA. In the intervening years it sponsors an annual conference. The 2021 Conference is being organised in South Korea from 5-8 December (re-arranged due to Covid) and the next Congress in Germany (2022). A planned conference in Krakow, Poland (2020) has unfortunately been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

ICG also offers schools for young researchers from industry and academia. They take place in Europe and Asia annually; a school once every four years in India is also being planned and will next run in January 2021 as a virtual event. Further information is available on their web site.  The event targets newer research workers and is supported by more than 20 well known lecturers. It is being timed so that access will be possible from most parts of the world.

The 12th ICG Summer School in Montpellier is planned in 2021 (5-9th July).  It will run as a virtual event combining a stream on ‘Basic Science’ and a second on ”Viscosity and viscoelasticity’. The 6th Winter School in Wuhan, China has been rescheduled to November 2021 and is also being planned as a virtual event. As well as the Basic Science stream, ‘Glass fibres’ will  run as a specialist theme. More information will be posted as available on the Education pages of this web site.

ICG Glass Congress
3-8th July, 2022
Berlin, Germany

Celebrating the Centenary of the DGG

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