New Archaeology Text

Translation of a text by Prof Gan Fuxi

Hong Li (Nippon Electric Glass, USA) and Lisong Hou (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) and others have recently completed the translation of a book entitled “Development History of Ancient Chinese Glass Technology”. Prof. Fuxi Gan was the Chief Editor of the original Chinese version. The English version will become available soon (March 2021). It is volume 3 in a series on the Archaeology and History of Science in China with Prof Fuxi Gan as the editor-in-chief, and is entitled, ‘Development History of Ancient Chinese Glass Technology‘. It is 820 pages long and its publication by World Scientific is expected in March 2021. More information is available at:


Prof. Fuxi Gan is the Chief Editor of the Chinese version and Prof. Hou and I, plus others, translated the book.

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