13th ICG Montpellier Summer School 2022

13th “ICG Montpellier Summer School 2022” held in Berlin, Germany in conjunction with BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing)

The “ICG Montpellier Summer School” is one of the flagships of educational initiatives of ICG. During the past 13 years, approx. 30-45 participants have been reached annually. Over the years, this comparatively small format actually has become an informal alumni network of more than 500 persons, comprising students and young researchers, as well as early and mid-career individuals. After an enforced break in 2020 and an online-only format in 2021 – both due to the Covit pandemia – the 13th ICG Summer School 2022 could be held as a face-to-face event again. In view of the proximity to the 26th International ICG Congress on Glass 2022 in Berlin, Germany, the 2022 Summer School was shifted to the same city. It took places from Tue. 28th June to Sat. 2nd July. The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) adopted the role of host by making available its facilities and contributing two lectures to the program. Below, a first short overview of the 2022 event is given:

Participants: 12 from academia

15 from industry (6 different companies)

9 lecturers

1 support staff


CC          Corinne Claireaux             CelSian glass & solar BV                         Eindhoven – Netherlands

RC          Reinhard Conradt              uniglassAC GmbH                                    Aachen – Germany

PF           Pierre Florian                     CEMHTI-CNRS                                        Orleans – France

RH          Russel Hand                       University of Sheffield                              Sheffield – UK

BH          Bernard Hehlen                   University of Montpellier                           Montpellier – France

RM         Ralf Mueller                         Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung            Berlin – Germany

EM         Erik Muijsenberg                  Glass Service sa                                       Vsetin – Czech Republic

JP           John M. Parker                    University of Sheffield                              Sheffield – UK

AT          Akira Takada                         University College London                       Tokyo – Japan

RV          René Vacher                        Université de Montpellier – CNRS            Montpellier – France


Mrs. Celia Boscu-Vacher was present as support staff in Berlin. Mrs. Mylene Boscu-Vacher (from Montpellier) handled the administration, registration, and accounting.

Mrs. Sandy Blumenstein, secretary to Ralf Müller, and Mr. Marko Holzer, co-worker in his team, provided local assistance.

Within the program, the so-called students’ projects have been a highlight throughout the years. In 2022, participants were allotted to five groups. They were assigned to work on the following task:

Plan an activity for the UN IYOG – keeping in mind the UN humanitarian goals and both a short- and long-term impact. The assigned topic read:

A. Pre-adult education.

B. Education for adults.

C. Sustainability & raw materials.

D. Sustainability, furnaces & recycling.

E. Biomaterials.


All projects went very well and resulted in remarkable project presentations given on Sat. 2nd July. It was a close decision to proclaim a winner and a runner-up team. These are the results:


The winning team:

Topic A – proposing a “2023 Glass Galaxy Contest” for 14-18 years old at local school, national, continental, and international level. Areas of competition, i.e. art, research, sustainability, literature, were symbolized by four fictive planets bearing the colors of elements/ions Nd, Ir, Cr, Co, respectively, dissolved in glass. By: M. Holzer, A. Ahmetovic, Y. Martinez, R. Clement, J.V. Campos


The runner-up team:

Topic B – announcing the development of a robot device “AGEX” by which flat glass from disposable buildings is automatically collected for reuse or recycling before dismantling these buildings. By: I. Cornu, A. Ourgessa, R. Dorscheidt, M. Maiwald, V. Zagorsek, H. Bakuhan


Well done indeed! Congratulations!

Click to see the report!

The 14th ICG Summer School is scheduled for 3rd to 7th July 2023.
It will take place at its traditional place in Montpellier.

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