Youth Outreach Committee

This committee was set up at the behest of the former president of ICG (Dr Manoj Choudhary) and has been given the remit of encouraging younger scientists and technologists to be involved in the activities of ICG. The committee organises, for example, conference sessions devoted to younger professionals, to encourage networking and contact with more established scientists and technologists.

In 2020, the committee plans to support a networking event at the ESG/ICG conference in Krakow, Poland (Sept 20-24).

2019 Early Career Networking Event at the 25th ICG Congress/GOMD meeting in Boston

At the occasion of the 2019 ICG Congress / GOMD conference in Boston, the ICG Youth Outreach Committee partnered with ACerS PCSA (President’s Council of Student Advisors) to organize an “Early Career Networking Event”. The event took place on Wednesday June 12, from 12.45 to 2.30pm. Lunch was kindly provided to all participants by ACerS.

More than 50 students and early career professionals registered for the occasion. Alicia Duran, President of the ICG, opened the event and shared her vision of the ICG, highlighting the opportunities the glass community offers, and emphasizing the key role the next generations of glass scientists and engineers will play for the future of glass and its impact in our societies.

Following this introduction, a panel of professionals from Academia, Industry and National Labs shared with the audience their experience in the glass world. Each of the mentors presented a slide summarizing their work, background, favorite thing about glass, and shared tips for a successful career, illustrating them with anecdotes from their own career experience. The mentors included Erik Muijsenberg (Glass Service Inc), Randy Youngman (Corning), Satoru Tomeno (Asahi Glass Co.), Kathleen Richardson (Univ. of Central Florida), Delia Brauer (Univ. Jena), Tayyab Suratwala (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab), John McCloy (Washington State Univ.), Rebecca Dylla-Spears (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab), Liping Huang (Rensselear Polytechnic Institute), and Mathieu Hubert (Corning).  Mostafa Ahmadzadeh, student at Washington State Univ. and PCSA delegate of Glass and Optical Materials Division (GOMD), presented the PCSA outreach activities and its mission engage students as active and long-term leaders in the glass and ceramics community.

After these presentations, the mentors spread around the room, so the participants could have informal discussions and ask them all the questions they could think of. A lot of contact information was exchanged in this networking event, hopefully sparking fruitful future discussions and successful collaborations in the glass community.

A Great Success at ICG 2018 in Yokohama

With over 200 participants over 3 days, the second Youth Outreach event organized at the ICG seminar in Yokohama, Japan, was a great success. Organized during lunchtime during the 3 days of the conference, the event was tailored to allow students and young professionals to network with glass academics and industrials. The 1st day was focused on academia, with mentors coming mainly from universities, while during Day 2 the mentors were mainly from industry. The 3rd day was a mix of academic and industrial mentors.

Each daily session started with a brief introduction of the event by Satory Tomeno (local organizer of the event) and an opening address, before leaving the room to free discussions between the participants. Tables were arranged both inside and outside the room, and all the students, young professionals and mentors participating were given a lunchbox and a table number, so they could gather, network and share their experience.

On the 1st day, the opening address was given by Manoj Choudhary (ICG president) and Alicia Duran (taking the presidency of ICG during the seminar) on the importance of youth outreach to the ICG, and few tips to network. The address on the second and third day were given by Mathieu Hubert and Erik Muijsenberg, with tips on networking, the importance of ICG TCs and benefits of participation to ICG.

The room was full of students, young professionals, and mentors sharing their experience and networking over the 3 days of the Yokohama 2018 Youth Outreach event

Satoru Tomeno opening the 2nd day of the event

A first successful event in Istanbul

The first ICG Youth Outreach event was organized at the 2017 ICG seminar in Istanbul, Turkey. Alicia Duran and Reinhard Conradt gave an opening address and highlighted the importance for ICG to reach out to the future generations of glass scientists and technologists. Then, Tunc Goruney and Erik Muijsenberg (representatives of the Youth Outreach Committee) shared their personal experience and what brought them to the world of glass and to the ICG. After these introductions, the participants were invited to network in a “speed dating” format, where the students and young professionals could exchange with the numerous experienced professionals in the room.

This was a very positive first experience, and a total of 24 students and young professionals attending. A delegation from Japan also participated, to prepare for a second outreach event at the ICG seminar in Yokohama in September 2018/

Alicia Duran and Reinhard Conradt opening the first ICG Outreach event.

Committee Members

Brauer, Delia
Görüney, Tunç
Hubert, Mathieu Committee Position: Chair
Jones, Julian (Prof)
Muijsenberg, Erik
Tomeno, Satoru
Youngman, Randall

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Youth Outreach Committee
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