TC16: Nanostructured glass and coating by wet chemistry

At present, the main goal of TC16 is to perform collaborative research focused around the development of nanostructured functional coatings for solar management, in particular doped-glass coatings for photovoltaic solar cells and coatings based on ZnO doped with aliovalent cations (for example Ga, Ge, Si, etc.) for solar control. Sol-gel processing has been used to prepare up- and down-converting coatings based on aluminosilicate glass doped with Er, Tb and Yb. Colloidal chemistry has been used to synthesize doped ZnO nanoparticles which were dispersed in proper solvents for deposition on glass. A project supported by CTC has been instrumental in carrying out collaborative research on the above topics between the Universities of Lisbon and Padova.

Activities and plans


The TC16 members had 2 meetings in 2019: June 2019 in Boston, where we decided to change the name of the TC16 and nominated S. Ribeiro vice-chair; August 2019 in St. Petersbourg, where common points of activities between ISGS board and TC-16 were discussed.

– Meetings attended

ICACC 2019 – 43 International Conference and exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites 2019 27 January – 1 February, Daytona Beach (USA), “Optical gas sensors based on surface plasmon resonance” (A. Martucci, Invited speaker).

25th International Congress on Glass 2019 – Boston 4-9 June 2019 (USA), “Solution processed nanostrucutred materials for functional applications” (A. Martucci, Invited speaker) and “Sol-Gel modified upconversion nanoparticles. Energy and biomedicine applications.” (S. Ribeiro, Invited speaker)

– Collaborative research project

In the framework of the CTC-funded collaborative research project “Nanocrystalline sol-gel coatings for solar energy applications”, the sol–gel method was used to prepare multi-component films with a complex structure, including photonic bandgap multilayer architectures. In particular, the following coatings have been developed:

  1. Down- and up-converting coatings containing rare earths, which absorb in the visible and emit in the NIR (down-conversion) or vice-versa (up-conversion), have been developed for photovoltaic solar cell application.
  2. Solar-control coatings which can reflect the sun light. The studied sol-gel coatings were based on ZnO:Ga or ZnO:Ge.

In the framework of such project A. Martucci visited the IST lab (in Lisboa) in November 2019. In 2020 it is planned the visit of a PhD student from IST lab in Padova for 4 months for doing XRD, ellipsometry and SEM.

– Book               

R.Almeida, L. Santos and A. Martuccci are editors of “Sol-gel derived optical and photonic materials” which will be published by Elsevier in 2020. A. Duran, S. Ribeiro and J. Xu are contributing with a chapter.

– Publications                

– G. Giordano, C. Durante, N. Michieli, A gennaro. A. Martucci, M. Guglielmi, “SiO2-TiO2 multilayer via electrochemical deposition: characterization of reflection and refractive index” J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol. 89, 196 (2019).

–  Rocío Estefanía Rojas-Hernandeza, Luís F. Santos, Rui M. Almeida, “Tb3+ / Yb3+ doped aluminosilicate phosphors for near infrared emission and efficient down-conversion”  J. Lumin. 197, 180 (2018).

– Rocío Estefanía Rojas-Hernandeza, Luís F. Santos, Rui M. Almeida, “Photonic crystal assisted up-converter based on Tb3+ / Yb3+  doped aluminosilicate glass”, Opt. Mat.  83, 61 (2018).


In 2020, TC16 plans to focuse its activity on 2 or 3 collaborative research projects with well defined objectives.

Committee Members

Almeida, Rui
Castro, Yolanda
Chen, Gang
Duran, Alicia
Jitianu, Andrei
Martucci, Alex Committee Position: Chair
Pascual, Maria
Ribiero, Sidney
Santos, Luis
Tadanaga, Kiyoharu
Xu, Jian
Yang, Hui

Committee Contact Details

TC16: Nanostructured glass and coating by wet chemistry