TC02: Chemical Durability and Analysis

This committee is concerned with both chemical durability and analysis and is committed to the pursuit of analytical excellence through the standardization and harmonization of analytical methodology throughout the glass and associated industries. TC02 committee members continue to actively promote and participate in a wide range of proficiency testing schemes and undertake investigations to explain complex differences in measurement response by different analytical procedures. In 2009 they produced a valuable reference work entitled ‘Handbook of Recommended Analytical Methods’. This can be purchased from the DGG.

Main aims and planned activities


TC02 continues to provide analytical solutions to complex issues affecting the glass industry through the development of standard methods of analysis and the production of certified reference materials for analytical calibration supported by extensive round robin/proficiency testing schemes.

The Committee actively supports other TC work programs upon request and has well established (and respected) links with external Organizations working across the chemical analysis arena – including The Society of Glass Technology, Bureau of Analyzed Samples, BAM, DGG, BSI.


  • Meetings:
    • April 2019 – Brussel, Belgium
    • November 2019, Phone conference
    • February 2020 – Lathom, UK
  • Durability
    • Inventory of the standardized methods / Need of new methods
    • List of current and future requirements: old standards, lack of important methods parameters (precision, reproducibility, LOD/LOQ), change to modern analytical techniques, some standards are not adaptated for all types of glass (hydrolytic resistance for alkali free glass?)
    • Proposal for activities and new work items: suggestion to revise some standards, addition of new Certified Reference Material (CRM)…
    • Participation to the Certification of a new CRM BAM-S053 (hydrolytic resistance of borosilicate glass – ISO 720, USO<660>, Ph. Eur.3.2.1)
  • Analyses
    • Proficiency test on the determination of heavy metals in container glass (Pb, Cd, Cr6+)
    • Validation of the application of ICP-MS or ICP-OES for Arsenic determination in Ph. Eur. 3.
    • Participation to the certification of the CRM BAM-S0005c (traces in sodalime glass)
    • Participation to a round robin test on filter dust analysis – Possibility of CRM creation?


  • Proficiency tests
    • Determination of SO3 and Al2O3 in glass
    • Determination of F in glass and raw material
    • Chemical durability test on flat glass
  • Method developments
    • ISO 4802-2 including ICP-OES / ICP MS as alternative analytical techniques
    • Electrical conductivity as a measure for hydrolytic resistance
    • Improvement of DIN 1211 6 standard
    • Resistance of technical glass to boiling acid (DIN 12116)

Committee Members

Abensour, Sylvie
Carpentier, Jean Marc
Clark, John
Eiden, Ralf Committee Position: Vice Chair
Georges, Peggy Committee Position: Chair
Gignoux, Vincent
Kanno, Naoki
Meignen, Vincent
Meysner, Amy Committee Position: Secretary
Panighello, Serena
Recknagel, Sebastian
Scarpa, Martina
Spruyt, Yannick
Sunberg, Peter
Tapasa, Kanit
Mercan, Pınar (Dr)
Yoshitaka, Saijo

Committee Contact Details

TC02. Durability & Analysis
Corning SAS CETC