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Latest publication celebrates 10 years of ICG Summer Schools

The ICG promotes a wider understanding of glass through teaching programs on fundamentals for those newly working in industry and academia. This high-quality book summarises the content and philosophy of ICG’s Montpellier Summer Schools.

It spans structural analysis (Raman, EXAFS, NMR), transport phenomena, chemical & mechanical properties, thermodynamics, phase separation, glass ceramics and surfaces. Technical themes include: glass melting, glass production, glass surfaces and thin films. Each chapter is written by a recognized glass expert in a tutorial style and targets the next generation who will can influence the health of glass research and stimulate an efficient and productive industry in the face of global concerns: global warming, health, sustainability, energy shortages and population growth.

ISBN 978-84-17528-04-1; Weight: 884g; Pages: 416; Size: 240x170x20mm3; Printed in full colour.
Cost: €50/ £45 plus postage

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The books listed below can be ordered from the German Society of Glass Technology (DGG) via FAX (+49-69-97586199) or e-mail.

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For a comprehensive list of Glass Textbooks published by other organisations click here. This list has been prepared by TC23.

ICG published in 2010 two books, one an updated history of ICG titled “The Winds of Change”, and the second a road mapping exercise on future directions of glass research produced as an outcome of the EFONGA project. Its title is ‘Making Glass Better’ with a subtitle of ‘An ICG roadmap with a 25 year horizon’; a second edition was published in 2014.

The history book updates an earlier version ‘ICG2000 History and Vision’ produced by Prof Henk de Waal and has many more photographs than were possible previously. It was edited by J M Parker and A Duran, and has 144 pages.

The road mapping book was written by K Bange and M Weissenberger-Eibl and has 119 pages. It includes a detailed account on the process of data collection and different ways of analysing the information collected from many experts in their fields.  The subjects covered nclude: 1) Innovative Glass Melting Technologies, 2) Advanced Glasses and Glass-Ceramics for Energy and Environmental Applications and Biomedical Applications, 3) Basic Glass Science, 4) Glass Surfaces and Functional Coatings..

A second edition of this text was published in July 2014, and edited by K Bange, A Duran and J Parker. It includes the text of the first volume, with commentaries updating the content. In addition several new road mapping exercises are included, almost doubling the length of the book.

In 2015 a SPECIAL EDITION was published, based for the first time on material from roadmap exercises that were not designed and organized by the ICG. instead they originated from a topical meeting in Sicily, 2013, arranged by the NSF’s International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass (IMI-NFG) and cover the fields of Information and Energy Technology, which are of crucial interest for future glass applications. Its creation gathered pace through information harvesting and finally it blossomed into the fascinating results and roadmaps published here by the ICG, as a SPECIAL EDITION of MAKING GLASS BETTER. We hope this edition, which was designed to identify the most relevant activities in the two fields for the next decade, will stimulate discussion and create a solid basis for future fundamental and applied research. The pre-competitive character of such activities will enhance cooperation among countries and companies through the ICG global platform, helping to make our material, glass, attractive and promoting the adaptation of education to the future needs of our various societies. This text is formally entitled Special edition: Functional Glasses: Properties and Applications for Energy and Information. Altogether it covers 96 pages. Its authors are: Klaus Bange, Himanshu Jain and Carlo G. Pantano, and the text has been edited by Klaus Bange, Alicia Durán and John Parker, ICG’s Editorial Team.

Copies of these texts are also available from the Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft at a small cost.

1. Publications

Available free of charge except for handling and postage costs (5 Euro):

Bibliography of Physical Properties of Glass (1967)
Electrical Properties of Glass and Glass-Ceramics – A Bibliography (1969)
Viscosity-Temperature Relationships in Glass (1970)
Etude analytique comparée d’un verre Crown effectuée dans 12 laboratoires (1970)
Contacts verres – réfractaires (1971)
Chemical Durability of Glass – A Bibliography (Vol 1) (1972)
Chemical Durability of Glass – A Bibliography (Vol 3) (1979)
Strength Testing of Glass and Glass Products (1974)
Review of the Literature on the Problems of Glass Furnace Regenerators (1975)
Electrical Properties of Glasses, Glass-Ceramics and Amorphous Solids – A Bibliography. Vol 1. (1977)
Electrical Properties of Glasses, Glass-Ceramics and Amorphous Solids – A Bibliography. Vol 2. (1977)

2. Publications

Price does not include handling and postage costs.

Review of Thermal Conductivity Data in Glass (1983) €30.00
Gas Bubbles in Glass (1985) €30.00
Collection of Publications on Chemical Analysis and Chemical Durability of Silicate Glasses €10.00
Science and Technology of Glasses for Optoelectronics (1989) €20.00
Sensors for Quality Control in the Glass Industry (1991) €15.00
Topical Meeting on Intelligence Glasses, Venice Italy (1991)
Papers published in Riv. Stn. Sper. Vetro. 22 (1992) No.1
ICG 2000 “History and Vision” €12.50
Surface Nucleation published by TC07 (2000) €20.00
ICG Advanced Course 2003: Strength of Glass – Basics and Test Procedures €32.00
Collection of Publications on Chemical Analysis and Chemical Durability of Silicate Glasses (2003) €15.00
ICG Advanced Course 2006: Strength of Glass – Basics and Test Procedures €38.00
ICG Dictionary of Glass Making (English-Spanish-Portuguese) (1992) €182.00
Mapping Indo-Pacific Beads vis-à-vis Papanaidupet €24.00